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Want to work with one of the largest importers in outdoor segments to Russia?
Our company Newtonica Ltd. specializes on wholesale and retail trade in the high-quality goods for a house, garden and public zones. We work in the "middle class" segment and above.

In our assortment you can find:
- garden furniture;
- outdoors furniture for cafe and restaurants;
- outdoors furniture for hotel, guest house, boarding houses, sanatoria and bases of rest;
- furniture for a golf and yacht-clubs;
- log cabins, chalets and small guest houses;
- city outdoor furniture, waste bins, various fences and barriers; 
- outdoor children’s play equipment and sport equipment for adults;
- street parasol, umbrellas, gazebo, pavilions and pergolas;
- decorative pillows;
- covers and boxes for storage;
- a lot of accessories;
- techniques and mechanics for care of a garden and outdoor territory.

The company was built in the beginning of 1994 by group of adherents and professionals. In our state are working highly skilled experts in the field of computer science, economy and logistics.

Our differences:
- own offices in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg;
- big warehouses in Moscow city and in Saint-Petersburg harbour;
- debugged schemes of logistics from Europe, Asia and America to Russia;
- fast Russian customs procedures;
- help in certification in territory of Russia;
- skilled sellers;
- representations in cities of Russia and in the countries of the former Soviet Union;
- regular participation in thematic exhibitions.

Among our clients:
- cafe and restaurants, including chain;
- hotels and bases of rest;
- yacht-clubs;
- cottage settlements and owners of country houses;
- catering companies;
- advertising and promo agencies;
- landscape designers and private designers of interiors;
- state organizations, including the Moscow Kremlin;
- specialized shops.

If you want to work with us and invite us to your company please write the letter: team@newtonica.com (for import department)